I Remember…

Memory is an amazing thing. It’s an awesome part of our design that we can remember all the amazing experiences we have and, given the right conditions, we can enjoy them all over again! Even when we know we have a less than perfect memory, we find ways to ‘jog’ our memory. We leave notes for ourselves, wear a ring on the ‘wrong’ finger, set up alerts on our calendar. Albums of photographs can take us back to a time and place which we may well have forgotten in our conscious or cognitive memory. So many of us spend so much time trying to remember the things that we’ve forgotten! What happens, though when, rather than struggling to remember, we find it impossible to forget? When memories of things we’d rather not remember intrude in our day to day living?

For many folks who live with the symptoms of complex trauma, these kind of memories don’t just disrupt their day but often hijack it. Often called flashbacks, they are usually intense sensory experiences rather than memory which has a language based, narrative to it. The first step on the journey to healing from these flashbacks is often to understand what is actually happening during them. During this week, we’ll be posting a series of bite sized blogs which will offer some psycho-education. We’ll offer some information in small chunks and in understandable language which we hope will begin to help with understanding and reframing of thoughts and behaviours. Join us on the journey and if there is something in particular that you would like us to write about then please let us know either by commenting here or on our Facebook page.


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