Inner/Spiritual Healing

Long before we ever offered Counselling in Whiteinch, we facilitated inner or spiritual healing appointments. There has been an inner healing team in Whiteinch for more than 10 years, first as a Bethel Sozo Team and then as the Saorsa team – our own brand of  inner healing ministry logo_879582_web-copyfor adults. These inner healing appointments last for around an hour and a half and are facilitated by two trained team members.

The main purpose of our Saorsa appointments is to see clients connect or reconnect with the Godhead. The team who facilitate are Christians and this is a Christian ministry but we love to work with people of all faiths and none at all! Saorsa appointments are offered from a Christian world view but over the years we have had the privilege of praying with and ministering too people from many different backgrounds. Our Saorsa Team are passionate about seeing people set free from the things that hold them back. When we begin to facilitate connection with the Godhead, often what comes up for folks is the way that past hurts have affected their perception and understanding of Who God actually is. In the course of an appointment, clients can expect to discover lies they believe and wounds they carry, then with the help of the facilitators, will be able to find release and healing.

We hear amazing testimonies from people who come for Saorsa appointments. From marriages saved and restored to physical conditions being miraculously healed, there is never a session where God does not show up.

As well as facilitating appointments, we also offer training and mentoring for churches or other organisations who want to explore this type of healing ministry. We can provide on site training and tailor make it for any particular situation. Whether you want to establish a full blown inner healing ministry, improve your organisation’s emotional health or just become more confident in prayer and pastoral care, we are happy to help.

As we move into the next season with Saorsa, we are asking questions about what’s next. If you want to contribute to the conversation then come and join us on the 25th March for ‘What Could Be…?’ 


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