Who helps those who need it most?

Over the many years that we’ve been involved with inner and emotional healing, we’ve been constantly blown away by the courage of the people with whom we journey. Our experience with counselling clients is the same. We are humbled and amazed at the extraordinary strength and resilience people have. The strange thing is that most of these people would not see themselves as courageous.

Across our service, we meet folks every week who have survived situations that we could not even imagine. Because we are a community based service and because we serve a community with more than it’s fare share of poverty, we also meet people who have had to live for years with pain that they feel they cannot share. For them, there seems to be no way within the conventional system to be able to access help. Many have tried and have not been heard. Spaces where people can engage with talking therapies seem to be difficult to access in statutory services and in the private sector they are available for those with the means to pay. We began to dream about a service which could provide quality therapy for all who need it in a way that was affordable. For the last 3 years, that is exactly what our counselling and inner/spiritual healing service has provided.

Through a small grant from Glasgow City Council, we are currently partnering with the recovery community – Recovery Cafes, Addaction, Street Connect, to offer sessions for some of those who are most vulnerable and who will benefit most. This is beginning to see our dream become a reality but we don’t want to stop there. We want to be able to partner with more organisations to support the work that they are doing so that we can see lasting change for individuals. Where should we look next? Who would benefit from what we can offer? Are you part of a group that we could partner with?

If you are beginning to feel fired up about what could be then join us on the 25th March and have your say! If you can’t make the 25th March then email us your thoughts. (info@healingfortheheart.co.uk) poverty-quotes-1


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