You Matter

A few years ago, some of us had a dream. That dream grew from seeing ‘the one’ in front of us. We were a small team who offered ministry for folks – ministry which we called inner healing. Over time, we heard stories from many people who came to see us. They told us about significant differences in their lives after sessions with us. We listened to people and they told us that sometimes a one off session wasn’t enough. Sometimes, they needed space to process. We began to dream about eYou-matter.You-are-good-enoughstablishing a counselling service where we could offer a confidential, understanding space where people could be certain that they would be heard. In our very noisy world, sometimes, it is difficult to feel heard. Our counselling service started 3 years ago and offers just that kind of space.

At first, we offered a few hours of counselling and inner healing each month. We had two very part time counsellors an inner healing team of 8. Three years later, we have an inner healing team of 18 and 3 part time members of staff. We have grown!

We are passionate about emotional health and wellbeing and believe that this is both about intervention and also prevention. We are developing a mix of proactive and reactive services and we are seeing results! in the last two years, we have delivered training in facilitating inner/spiritual healing to churches and other organisations all over the country.

As I reflect on how our development has come about, I finish where I started – we focus on the one in front of us. Each person who comes through the door is THE most important person in that moment. They are not a number or a case, they are a person of great value and worth. That posture, underpins all of what we do.

If you are reading this and feeling that you do not matter then hear, as we gently remind you – you matter. You matter very much. It is not all about numbers and influence, it really is about the ‘one in front’ and right at the moment, my friend, you are that one in front and you matter.


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