Telling Stories

Healing for the Heart has now been in existence for 4 years. We started offering 5 or 6 hours of counselling in a week as well as one, maybe two spiritual healing appointments. We had two counsellors working very part time hours and a team of 6 able to facilitate our healing appointments. We have grown a little since then! Our healing team has more than doubled in size and we now offer up to 25 hours of counselling a week. Four years ago, we had one part time staff member, now we have 3 staff members all working part time.

As we have travelled in the last four years, many of you reading this will know that you have travelled with us. You may be part of our teams. You may have journeyed with us for a time in counselling sessions or you may have come for aIMG_0001 spiritual healing appointment. You might have attended one of our training sessions Рwe think that we have trained around 200 people in the principles of spiritual healing over the last four years or you may simply be an interested friend who follows our Facebook page. In whatever category you find yourself, we are glad that you are a part of our story.

Stories are important. Whether they are stories of organisations or individuals, they are important. Stories are rarely just factual. They contain emotion and energy. They are not static. Good stories develop and grow. They are shaped by those who are part of them. Healing for the Heart’s story is no different. Each of you has played a part in our story. You have helped us to understand a little more about who we are as we have interacted with you and you with us.

Like your story, ours is not finished. There is more to write. Like you, we as an organisation have hopes and dreams but we don’t exist in a bubble and we want you to share in the shaping of our story. We plan to have an evening of dreaming with anyone who is interested. What could be? Where should we go next? What have we missed that you can see? Keep watching our website and Facebook page for the date of our vision evening. We would love you to be there. Come and join us and help to tell a bit more of the story.


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