IMG_0428This is a blog which I’ve been ruminating over for some time. It seems to me that almost everywhere I look at the moment, there is the promise of redemption.

Redemption carries with it the idea that something which was lost, given away or taken is recovered or bought back. It’s difficult to write a blog like this without some reference to faith. As I look around, I see God continually wading into our world to redeem. He takes things that look like they are finished and breathes new life into them. Lives which looked like they were hopeless are turned around and have purpose again. Relationships which seemed to be dead are revived and renewed. Sometimes, God does this and we can’t explain how but sometimes He allows us to partner with Him and someone near us gets ‘God with skin on’.

The more I see and the more I experience, the more convinced I am that there is nothing that is beyond redemption and redemption appears to be something that God specialises in. In what areas of your life do you need to experience redemption? Are there situations where you can offer redemption and be ‘God with skin on’?


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